Retinopathy of Prematurity

In infants born under 32 weeks, the retina is not fully developed, if screened for and detected early, it can be successfully treated either with laser or cryotherapy.

ROP is one of the very few blinding conditions in children that can be easily treated if discovered early. Screening and treatment are essential as they can save a person from a lifetime of blindness.

Traditional screening of ROP involve a paediatric ophthalmologist shining a light into the infant’s eyes to check for pathological changes of the ROP in the retina. More modern techniques involve the use of a camera called RetCam that takes a picture of the back of the infant’s eye which is then analysed.

RetVas currently aims to develop a system where the nursing staff can take the photograph of the infant’s eye and send it for screening. Under-developed countries, where there is a lack of specialists that can conduct the screening, would highly benefit from such a service.

Currently 20% of RetVas profits go towards the incorporation of the software in under-developed communities.