Who We Are

RetVas is a start-up company that uses an entirely automated software for retinal image analysis that will ultimately provide useful information that could be life or sight saving. RetVas is the work of a talented team of computer vision scientists, software developers and international clinical academics, whose main purpose is to save sight worldwide.

Dr Clare Wilson PhD

Founder Director

Stephen Rockman, Entrepreneur


Stephen is the Entrepreneur in Residence at InnovationRCA and has been investing in, advising and mentoring startups for fifteen years. In 2010, after many years in the technology sector, he started Merism Capital the UK’s first equity fund targeting early stage impact businesses.
Stephen was involved in Unltd’s first Big Venture Challenge, the Department of Health’s ‘Living well with Dementia’ project and various activities for Innovate UK and the British Council. As well as being a Non-executive Director at a number of startups in the UK and abroad, Stephen is a Trustee of Shift Ventures Trust which starts and builds businesses to address social issues and is on the Advisory Board of Ada, the National College for Digital Skills, a new HE College providing vocational education which opens in September 2016.

James Varley MBA


James Varley is Finance Director of Cw+. He leads a programme of social investment and investment in health innovations for the charity. His career as a Chartered Accountant has been focussed on charitable impact and the delivery of social investment programmes in major NHS acute trusts. James joined RetVas in 2016. James is  enjoying working with RetVas to deliver significant impact on public health with RetVas Wellness and developing the potential to have global impact on child blindness through RetVas ROP.

Dr Jeffrey Ng Sing Wong PhD

Chief Technical Officer

Dr Jeffrey Ng Sing Wong is chief technical strategist at RetVas and an advisor for many tech companies in London trying to make their mark in the market. He believes that RetVas has the potential to make a difference in healthcare.

Dr Philip Edwards PhD

Chief Scientist – Computer Vision & Image Analysis

Dr Eddie Edwards has been working in medical image analysis for over 20 years as a researcher, academic and consultant. He has been leading the technical research and RetVas software development for the past two years. He believes that RetVas has great potential to make a difference, especially in diagnosis of Retinopathy of Prematurity.

Dr William Welby PhD

Software Developer

Dr William Welby is the latest addition to the software development team at RetVas. He has worked with the eye throughout his whole career and joined RetVas because he thinks it could make a real impact in the medical world.

Dr Ariadne Whitby PhD

Software Developer

Ariadne joined the RetVas software team following her PhD in computational biology. Her prior research focused on quantifying and modelling complex patterns in images of multi-cell assays, leveraging techniques from computer vision and information theory. She has joined RetVas to pursue her interest in applying machine learning and data science to healthcare, bringing her expertise to bear upon an important medical problem.

Sheela Sethu

Clinical Research Manager

Sheela joined RetVas to manage our clinical research projects. Her prior research focused on public health relating to children’s eye diseases and diabetic retinopathy in developing countries and she will soon complete a PhD in public health from City University, London. She joined RetVas to use her expertise and pursue her interest in alleviating blindness and visual impairment in developing countries using technology and machine learning to scale up screening for eye diseases. The public health potential of retinal cardio-vascular wellness scores is another area she finds exciting.

Aleksandra Kopytec

Data Analyst

Ken Cocker


Ken has over twenty five years experience in vision research and over twenty years acquiring, processing, screening and distributing retinal images via the Internet for telemedicine and international research projects.